• High-Protein Recipes: 5 Veg Dishes Loaded With Proteins And Ideal For Desi Lunch

    Paneer, soybean, chickpeas, kidney beans, pulses, quinoa and tofu are all known to be loaded with proteins.

  • Can Soy And Its Products Build Gut Health? Expert Reveals

    Recent studies show that gut health affects literally everything within the body; thus, it is imperative to maintain good gut health.

  • Where Does Our Food Come From? Latest Report Reveals

    UOTP decided to shed some light through a study that aims to empower the public with data to determine where our food comes from.

  • Foodie's Guide To Delhi: Classic Street Foods You Should Try At Least Once In Your Life

    If you are confused about what to eat in Delhi, then we have the perfect food guide for you.

  • People Are Sharing Some Of Their Greatest Cooking Tips Online, And It's Time To Take Notes

    From everyday hacks to learning how to keep the food fresh to even finding out tips to make particular foods, here we bring you some tips to follow.

  • Haldi Chai Health Benefits: How To Make This Monsoon-Special Herbal Tea (Recipe Inside)

    One of the most common ingredient in our kitchens, haldi is being used in traditional medical practice since eons.

  • Make This Spicy And Delicious Kohlapuri Namkeen For Your Next Tea Time (Video Inside)

    Rather than indulging in store-bought namkeen, make namkeen at home on your own!

  • Watch: Open Coconuts At Home Easily With This Kitchen Hack (Haircare Tips Included)

    You can prepare fresh coconut milk for your curries, coconut masks for your hair and coconut water for your skin without worrying about making a mess in the kitchen!

  • World Milk Day 2022: 7 Timeless Milk-Based Dessert Recipes You Must Try

    On World Milk Day 2022, refer to these seven sumptuous milk-based dessert options that you can easily try at home

  • Minced Chicken Lollipop Recipe: The Classic Chicken Lollipop Snack Gets A Tasty Twist

    To make these delicious chicken lollipops, you dont need chicken drumsticks! Surprising, right?!

  • World Cuisine: 10 Best Dishes From Different Cuisines That Shall Make You Travel The World

    We shall introduce you to the most popular dishes from ten cuisines of the world, to give an idea of what it's like to travel the world as a foodie.

  • Watch: This Viral Kitchen Hack May Help Prolong The Shelf Life Of Avocados

    Today, we have found another hack, one that shall help prolong the shelf life of avocados, and it is so ingenious that the hack has gone viral! The video has 1.6 million ...

  • Chilled Curd-Based Recipes That Will Help You Stay Cool This Summer

    Summers and curd-based dishes go hand in hand. Cooling and refreshing, use chilled curd to take these dishes a notch higher.

  • Watch: Chef Shares Easy Technique To Cut Hard Vegetables While Saving Your Knives

    A chef from Toronto, Canada shares a technique that helps you cut hard vegetables like carrots in an easy and safe way. Not only is the technique great for faster cutting, but ...

  • Vegan Diet: Why People Are Adapting To Plant-Based Diet - Expert Explains

    India has been witnessing tremendous change across eating practices that are making a lot of people shift choices by the day!

  • Fasting During Chaitra Navratri? Nmami Agarwal Outlines The Foods That Can Boost Energy Levels

    To boost your energy levels while fasting, Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal suggests you have these foods

  • How Cold And Hot Beverages Lead To Tooth Sensitivity - Expert Explains

    Experts suggest that tooth sensitivity should not be ignored, as it could lead to long-term tooth damage If left unchecked.

  • Watch: Funny Video Shows Indians And Their Obsession With Indian Food In Foreign Countries

    This funny video has especially tugged at the heartstrings of desi foodies and Indians living outside of the country. It shows that Indians cannot help but obsess over Indian food even when ...

  • Watch: How Organic Oil Is Naturally Extracted From Nuts Through Cold Pressing

    Often associated with the oil, cold pressing refers to the process of extracting oil from the desired food.

  • World Water Day: Theme, Significance and Health Benefits Of Drinking Water

    This year, the World Water Day observance is focused on groundwater.

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