• Cholesterol Management: 5 Everyday Foods That May Keep Cholesterol Levels In Check

    There are two types of cholesterol in the human body - HDL (good cholesterol) and LDL (bad cholesterol). When LDL level increases, it affects our heart health. This is why experts suggest ...

  • Why Is Teff Gaining Popularity As The New Superfood? Interesting Ways To Add Teff To Your Diet

    Teff is one of the superfoods that's attracting fitness enthusiasts around the world.

  • Healthy Diet: 5 Healthy Whole Wheat Recipes To Help You Ditch Refined Flour

    Whole wheat, just like other whole grains, is a rich source of dietary fibre and protein, which are two of three essential macro-nutrients required for a healthy body. Here are 5 healthy ...

  • Reducing 'Ugly Cholesterol' May Help Prevent Stroke: Home Remedies To Manage Cholesterol Levels

    Reducing high levels of remnant cholesterol or 'ugly cholesterol' can significantly cut the risk of stroke and myocardial infarction, say researchers.

  • Healthy Heart: Busting The Myths Related To Food After Heart Surgery

    All you need to know about the common myths related to food after heart surgery. After undergoing heart surgery, doctors advise to opt for a healthy, and a well-balanced diet because, adhering ...

  • Oats For Weight Loss: 5 Creative Ways Of Cooking With Fibre-Rich Oats

    Weight Loss Diet: Oats are available in a variety of forms, depending on the level of processing that the product has undergone. From weight loss to digestive health, oats are helpful in ...

  • Healthy Diet: 4 Fruits That Are Relatively Rich In Protein

    Protein-rich Fruits: Fruits are not traditionally rich in protein and they're generally not expected to be- they have higher levels of other important nutrients including fibre and carbohydrates. These 4 fruits are ...

  • Low-Carb Diet: 5 Healthy Vegetable Juice Recipes To Add To Your Weight Loss Diet

    Weight Loss: Vegetables are one of the best negative-calorie foods you can add to your low-carb diet. Here are 5 delicious veggie juice recipes you can add to your low-carb diet!

  • Chickpea Nutrition: Health Benefits Of The Protein-Rich Desi Favourite Chana

    Chickpea Nutrition: The humble safed chana or chhola that Indians have grown up loving has a nutritional profile that seems to have been tailor-made for fitness freaks.

  • Moringa Tea: Fat Loss, BP Control And More Incredible Benefits Of This So-Called 'Miracle Tea'

    Moringa tea is just one drink that this superfood craze has spawned. The tea that is prepared from the leaves of moringa or drumstick tree is now a popular beverage.

  • High Blood Pressure Diet: This Summer Drink May Help Manage Hypertension

    Hypertension Diet: Adding certain foods and drinks to your daily diet may help regulate symptoms of hypertension. Add this summer drink to your diet to manage blood pressure.

  • Low-Calorie Vegetables: 10 Best Nutritious Low-Cal Veggies To Add To Your Weight Loss Diet

    Low Calorie Vegetables: All calorie-restricting diets must be rich in vegetables, as they can ensure supply of healthy nutrients to your body as well as ensure that you stay full for longer ...

  • World Liver Day 2019: What Causes Fatty Liver; Expert Diet Dos And Don'ts To Manage The Condition

    World Liver Day 2019: Fatty liver disease affects 10 million people in India every year. Dr. Rupali Datta gives dietary do's and don'ts to manage the condition.

  • Coconut Vinegar: Benefits, Uses And Step-By-Step Guide To Make It At Home

    Coconut vinegar is used in a number of dishes of Goan cuisine as a souring agent and a flavour -enhancer. It's also used in preparing the desi Goan alcoholic drink - coconut ...

  • Watch: Healthy And Delicious Tea-Time Snack Ragi Rava Dhokla Recipe!

    Mumbai-based chef Ananya Banerjee's ragi rava dhokla recipe can be a great addition in the diet of anyone watching their weight. What's more? It's very easy to prepare!

  • How To Eat White Rice On A Diet: Follow These Healthy Cooking Tips!

    White Rice Diet: If you're watching your weight, but don't want to forgo rice, you must switch to healthier cooking methods. Read on for cooking tips for healthy rice dishes!

  • Eating Walnuts Daily May Improve Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure Levels: Study

    A new study has said that consuming walnuts can be particularly beneficial for those suffering from metabolic syndrome and may potentially bring down the risk of developing diabetes in such people.

  • Say Cheese! These 4 Healthy Cheese Varieties Are Diet-Friendly

    Not all types of cheese deserve all the hatred that they are subjected to. Here are some healthier varieties of cheese that you may include in your weight loss diet.

  • Black Seeds For Type-2 Diabetes: How Kalonji And Its Oil May Help in Diabetes Treatment

    Type-2 Diabetes: Black seeds are rich in healthy fats, antioxidants, potassium, iron and essential vitamins and minerals. Here's how kalonji or black seeds may help patients of Type-2 diabetes regulate blood sugar ...

  • Another Reason To Stop Eating Fast Foods: They Have More Calories Than 30 Years Ago

    Led by Boston University, the study says that fast foods are much unhealthier than they were 30 years ago and are increasingly leading to obesity in people.

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